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Supply Chain

Bioconvergence specializes in designing and managing your supply chain and materials management functions-whether you have 50g of research-grade active ingredient or thousands of pallets of finished product. Our facility features more than 20 environmental chambers and much more. To view these chambers, check out our facility tour.

Our supply chain management capabilities are vast and agile. We can perform along a wide range of outsourcing needs, from raw materials, preclinical, to clinical and commercial drug product or substance. We provide:

  • Sourcing
  • Temperature Controlled Storage Excellence
    • Temperatures from -80 to 40°C with humidity control
    • Chambers for biotech, flammable, toxic, and corrosive materials
    • Containment technology to protect your material and our staff
  • Biorepository
  • Sampling & Dispensing
    • 2 cleanrooms kept at ISO 8 requirements for controlled handling of sensitive materials
  • Shipping & Distribution
    • Cold chain logistics experts
    • Receiving and shipping, including QC status tracking and disposition
  • Transportation Qualification
    • Packaging validation & shipping qualification support
  • cGMP, cGSP, cGDP Practices

As a contract service provider to a wide range of clients in the pharmaceutical industry, it’s vital that our transportation partners be knowledgeable and abide by Good Distribution Practices. Reliable partners who ensure the security, proper temperature handling, and traceability of valuable and often irreplaceable client material during transportation are a critical component of our services and success. We work with transportation partners that are qualified and trustworthy to ensure the security and safety of your materials from beginning to finish and to give us a worldwide distribution capability.

Our commitment to our clients and excellence in supply chain and materials management allows us to deliver unique and differentiated solutions to our clients.

Our Solutions


  • Providing temperature and humidity controlled storage for materials across the supply chain with temperatures of -80 to 40°C
  • Avoiding order delay by accessing our E-Transparency® System for ordering and inventory reporting 24/7
    Learn more about E-Transparency
  • Performing dispensing and sampling of highly potent and/or toxic compounds in ISO 8 cleanrooms equipped with containment technology to eliminate cross contamination and ensure safety
  • Providing transportation qualification by performing shipping design & transportation lane validation studies

To learn more about what our supply chain team can do for you, contact us.


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