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Global Clinical Trial Supply & Logistics Roundtable:
Examining Best Practices, Skills & Tools to Gain Competitive Edge in Clinical Trials

In preparation for the 4th Annual Clinical Trials Supply & Logistics Summit, BioConvergence CEO Alisa Wright, presented a roundtable discussion with two other industry thought leaders, Steven Jacobs and Rafik Bashara. The information included in this presentation touches on many of the issues facing the supply and logistics environment when approaching clinical trials.

“The increasing complexity and globalization of clinical trials has changed the pre-market environment, with more companies outsourcing operations and investigating emerging markets. This leads to questions around regulation, and with high costs and strict handling requirements for many biopharmaceutical products entering clinical development, the logistics of clinical trial supplies are more critical than ever.”

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Breakthroughs in CRO customer service

In February of 2012, one of BioConvergence’s very own experts gave a presentation regarding Bioconvergence’s use of the Agilent OpenLAB Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN). The presentation, entitled “Breakthroughs in CRO Customer Service,” gives an overview of BioConvergence and its capabilities, as well as how the implementation of the ELN has enhanced our services and is considered a story of success. Additionally, Kelly outlines future uses for even more collaboration to further improve CRO customer service.

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Auditing Computer and IT Systems

Each year, BioConvergence gives a lecture presentation at Purdue University for the Master’s Program called “Regulatory and Quality Compliance for the School of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy.” The students that get to hear this presentation continue to comment that the guest speakers add significant value to the program in educating the next generation of “quality and compliance” professionals.

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Translating the Requirements of Thermal Cycling/Excursion Guidelines Through the Use of a Comprehensive Risk Management Matrix for Time and Temperature Sensitive Pharmaceutical Products

In May 2011, two of BioConvergence’s employees collaborated to give a presentation at the 2011 Midwest Healthcare Supply Chain Conference. One of the authors, Curtis Strother, is BioC’s Project Manager and Technical Services Scientist, and has become a subject matter expert on this topic. This presentation highlights possible risks, solutions, and benefits associated with this issue.

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