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BioC Supply Chain Capabilities

The storage capabilities of BioC are created with quality in mind. All systems have at least one redundancy in place. Power is delivered to BioC through parallel feeds from 2 separate sub stations, as well as an onsite diesel generator that ensures that material is kept at the appropriate temperature, no matter the conditions. We offer a variety of storage solutions including: -80 C, -20 C, 2-8 C, and 15 to 25C.

Controlled Room Temperature Warehouse

Our Controlled Room Temp warehouse is kept between 15 and 25 C at all times with a relative humidity of 35–65%. There are multiple air handlers to ensure temperature management at all times.

2-8° C

The 2-8 C warehouse has a large amount of storage capacity featuring redundant cooling solutions. There is enough space for production jobs that require materials to remain within this specified temperature range.

-20° C

2 walk in freezers offer flexibility and complete redundancy. Both freezers are complete with lead/lag compressors as another level of protection. Freezers are temperature monitored as well.

-80° C

The -80 freezers are on scheduled preventative maintenance to defrost and ensure operation. There is always an empty, validated freezer at temperature to provide support in the case of failure. Our Biorepository storage system can store vials of human samples in inventory.

Sampling & Dispensing Suites

The 2 suites kept at ISO 8 standards are perfect for aliquoting material for R&D or manufacturing purposes. There is a positive pressure differential between the staging area, sampling suite, and clean up area to prevent contamination. Suites are complete with glove box for nitrogen overlay and containment hood for highly potent material. Temperature is monitored to keep between 15-25 C with a relative humidity of 20-55%. The suites are designed to have no recirculating air and has breathable air ports for respirators. The layout ensures one way material/personnel flow as well. The suites are complete with grounding bars and is electrically rated for flammable material.

Flammable Material Storage

BioC offers a segregated warehouse dedicated to the storage of flammable material and also has a 2-8 C cooler for refrigerated product.

Temperature/Humidity Monitoring

Our validated environmental monitoring service is complete with 24/7 dial out capabilities to reach our Operations team in the case of emergency. Alarm points have been set for both temperature and humidity monitors and is available in real-time via our E-Transparency® System. Back-up data monitoring is tracked by a combination of chart readers and through a third party security company.

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