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Why Choose BioC

In today’s economic climate, clients have more and more unique technical requirements, a greater need for timeliness and custom, efficient internal processes.  We understand and have developed our experienced team by hiring individuals from diverse life science sectors including pharmaceuticals, animal health, medical devices, and diagnostics.  This range of expertise and experience makes us adept at listening to your plans, asking the right questions, and formulating custom or standard options and procedures to meet your outsourcing needs.

You Need…

We Provide…

Outsourcing problems solved Innovative outsourcing solutions when you need them
Customization Unique project plans tailored to your timeline and requirements
Flexibility Willingness and ability to adjust plans to real-time changes
Prompt Service Project-specific timeliness detailing deliverables
Reliability Compliant services meeting and exceeding industry standards
Dependability On-time and on-budget delivery
Progress Tracking 365/24/7 secure access through E-Transparency® System to real-time inventory reports, transactions, laboratory results and effective SOPs

BioConvergence has held true to these promises from our founding in 2006.  As we have grown, clients continue to value our ability to follow through with a custom personal touch.  Clients have spoken to our success and industry organizations have awarded us recognition in several areas.  Although our industry experts are also featured across the nation at conferences, in journals and magazines, and at universities, their first priority is sharing their expertise working directly on client projects.

What Are People Saying About BioC?


Our manufacturing partners incurred a delay…which required BioConvergence to go above and beyond to complete the labeling activities and ensure the materials were shipped…so they arrived on the originally planned date.  Because of their attention to details and diligence being ready for the product when it arrived along with excellent execution of their activities, we were able to meet the timeline for study initiation.  This is the type of exceptional effort that enables their client’s success.” – Satisfied Client


“The fact is Indiana is home to several of the world’s top research and technology institutions of higher learning, as well as a large cluster of outstanding technology-focused companies and entrepreneurs…The Mira Awards provide an important opportunity to showcase these assets to others…With more than 75 companies nominated for awards and only one winner from each of the 9 categories, the selection process was highly competitive.” – Mira Awards 2008, BioConvergence winner in Health & Life Sciences Gazelle Company category


“Indiana has a lot of contract service providers—like BioConvergence—with the focus of helping you get your product to market… In the long-term, the company expects to create 170 jobs and additional facility expansions.” – John T. Aquino, Life Sciences Law & Industry Report


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