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In today’s industry, clients have needs that range from very large to microscopic. While BioConvergence has the capability to handle those larger needs, we have the view that no project is too small. Our team of scientists exemplifies these capabilities and view. They are capable of handling any size need and have over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, with experts on staff. Our team of scientists has handled projects ranging from simple to the very complex. They are able to adapt and create qualified and assured solutions for new problems that clients may be facing.

Unique Solutions:

  • Reducing lyophilization processing costs due to long cycle by a thermal analysis study
  • Increasing shelf-life stability by formulation development
  • Conducting on-time release testing by analytical method development
  • Consolidating raw material testing needs by utilizing single source supplier with storage, sampling, and testing capabilities
  • Avoiding delays in clinical trials by performing temperature excursion and thermal cycling studies
  • Producing on-time release and ICH stability studies by design, storage, and testing
Our scientists, just like the rest of our BioC team, value collaboration, integrity, efficiency, accuracy, and quality. With our transparent laboratory notebook system, ELN, clients are able to have visibility of their results.

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