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Project Management

The Project Management team at BioConvergence prides itself on always putting our clients’ needs first. The team is dedicated to working with clients to develop customized services and is devoted to getting projects done right the first time, on time, and with a focus on quality. We work closely with our client representatives and with other members of the BioConvergence team to understand our clients’ needs, create customized solutions, and perform risk mitigation planning in order to execute projects.

The Project Management team has a combined 40+ years of experience and handles up to 50 active projects at any given time across several hundred US and international clients, ranging from large pharma to small virtual businesses. With a single point of contact and a transparent system, our team can develop and execute a reliable and trustworthy project from start to finish. Clients come to us with needs such as:

  • Lyophilization development and/or optimization
  • ICH stability testing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Production of clinical trial material and distribution to sites

We have successfully delivered on each of these types of projects, and many others. For real examples of projects that this team has handled, view our Case Studies.

And although this team continues to grow, we remain true to our core values: quality, integrity, efficiency, flexibility, and building strong partnerships. We deliberately make these values evident in everything we do, from client to partner, to neighbor, and to one another.

Project Management Philosophy


Responsibilities of the project management team at BioC include coordinating internal project teams, assembling experienced representatives from various functional departments such as Quality Assurance, Supply Chain Management, Technical Services, Validation, and Product Development to support the varied requirements of each project. Using Project Management best practices and industry experience, BioC’s team of experts collaborate with our clients to understand, define, execute, and deliver on the project’s goals. Our experience shows that projects developed on the foundation of transparency are delivered more efficiently, with higher quality, and with greater client satisfaction. We continually strive to improve our performance by seeking valuable feedback from our clients on each completed project.


What Clients are Saying about BioC


I just want to commend you and your crew on a great job getting the shipment out. You guys have done a great job in getting this thing pulled together – kudos to you and the team.” – Satisfied Client

Thank you and BioC so much for this quick turning around. Hopefully, [this product] will be a great drug, and we will all be proud of what we have contributed to its success. Best Regards.” – Satisfied Client

Our manufacturing partners incurred a delay…which required BioConvergence to go above and beyond to complete the labeling activities and ensure the materials were shipped…so they arrived on the originally planned date. Because of their attention to details and diligence being ready for the product when it arrived along with excellent execution of their activities, we were able to meet the timeline for study initiation. This is the type of exceptional effort that enables your client’s success.” – Satisfied Client


This foundation of transparency is provided by client access to a secure web-based E-Transparency® System throughout the life of their project(s). BioC’s project managers assist clients when using E-Transparency® in order for them to easily acess product development or analytical data, product inventory, or other shared project documents, 365/24/7. The project manager will demonstrate the ease of use and real-time visibility E-Transparency® offers so clients can make accurate decisions, with efficiency.


BioConveregnce’s inventory system is the best that I have ever worked with.” – Satisfied Client

I have always liked using E-Transparency® over the years in our dealings with BioC-of all the interactive inventory systems I have used in this business (over 30 years!) it is the most user-friendly for a client to access, request shipments, etc. and to select data for easy hands-on inventory updates/status updates. I like the user interface, it is very simple and intuitive-and I have never had a problem getting to the data/information that I have needed when using E-Transparency®.” – Satisfied Client


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