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BioConvergence is a trusted and transparent contract development & manufacturing organization for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our vision is to accelerate the drug development process to provide life-saving solutions for patients in need. Every day, we work toward realizing this vision as our clients count on us to:

Develop. Each of our clients has unique projects and challenges. Our response is to develop customized solutions that add savings to the timeline and bottom-line.

Find out how this solution conserved scarce drug substance, while reducing the development timeline:

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Deliver. Whether we deliver data from the lab or clinical trial products to patients, we do so with accuracy and agility.

Find out how BioConvergence yielded a 99.7% excursion-free rate through implementing 5 innovative steps, and how your organization can too:

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Innovate. We continually seek opportunities to innovate systems and processes to better serve our clients. This mindset led to the creation of E-Transparency®.

Learn how E-Transparency® provides clients with 24/7 access to their products:
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Supply Chain

BioConvergence works directly with client development and manufacturing teams to align methodology with the appropriate stage of product development—saving time and money, and creating effective solutions. Development services include method qualification, method validation, preformulation, formulation, scale-up recommendations, lyophilization and cycle optimization, and analytical method development. BioConvergence has a unique niche for delivering testing capabilities to clients, with a specialty in parenteral product testing. Testing services include stability testing, QC release/expiry testing, thermal cycling/thermal excursion studies, and transport simulation. BioConvergence works to collaborate with client clinical and manufacturing teams to align with the appropriate stage of development. Capabilities in production span across large and small molecules, vaccines, highly potent compounds, cytotoxics, oral liquids, and sterile product. Production services include performing formulation, filling, labeling, packaging and kitting for clients with written procedures on how excipients are to be formulated and filled with specific requirements. BioConvergence specializes in designing and implementing supply chain and materials management functions, whether the project encompasses 50g of research-grade active pharmaceutical ingredient or thousands of pallets of finished product. Supply chain services include sampling/dispensing, materials management storage, distribution, and shipping lane qualification.
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